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About Laminate Flooring Kenya

Laminate Flooring is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product fused together around a watertight and glued high density fibre board. It consists of 5 layers: Transparent layer, wear resistant overlay, design layer, high density fiberboard core and a balancing layer.

If you're looking for a high durable flooring solution that fits your lifestyle and is designed for high traffic areas, houses with children and pets, then Laminate Flooring is your best choice. Our laminate solutions have a hard, durable finish to provide a better scratch and dent resistance when compared to conventional solid hardwood floors.

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Laminate Flooring Price in Kenya

The floor is one of the home's defining features. It can make your home look elegant and inviting or vice versa. Wood flooring is one of the most popular flooring options because it is inviting, beautiful and timeless. However, it is very expensive to install. Laminate flooring Kenya does one thing really well and that it is mimic the appearance of wood.

Older more traditional homes have the original hardwood in place, while many newer homes are opting for laminate flooring in Kenya. This is because laminate flooring gives you the appearance of wood without the high price tag. Laminate can also be designed to mimic the appearance of natural stone and other materials.

But that is not all that laminate brings to the table.

Laminate was developed several decades back as a cheaper alternative to wood. Over the years the manufacturers have continued to innovate and improve laminate so that it offers more benefits. Here are some more benefits of laminate flooring Kenya.

Very easy to install – laminate flooring comes in tiles or planks with edges that are designed to snap together easily. This makes installation of laminate very easy, fast and suitable for a DIY project. Fast and easy installation saves you money because you do not need professionals and even if you hire them it is for a short while.

Durable aesthetics – laminate floors do not scratch easily as compared to hardwood floors. As such, laminate floors maintain their appearance well over time. Also, hardwood floors can get faded when exposed to the sun for a long time. Laminate flooring Kenya on the other hand doesn't fade when exposed to the sun.

That is not all, laminate is more resistant to wear and tear, damage from pets, and foot traffic. It doesn't get dull over time like hardwood does which means you enjoy better aesthetics for many years.

Maintenance is easy – hardwood floors require a lot of maintenance to ensure they last long and keep their aesthetic value. Laminate floors on the other hand are typically maintenance free. They are very easy to clean and do not require a lot of work to maintain their appearance.

Laminate flooring is water resistant and therefore it doesn't easily get damaged from spills and high moisture or humidity. This makes laminate suitable for use almost everywhere in the house and also free of maintenance. Hardwood will require sanding and polishing regularly to keep it looking great while laminate doesn't require all that work.

Variety of designs and finishes – laminate flooring in Kenya is available in a wide variety of finishes. Manufacturers have designed their laminate planks to mimic many different types of trees. You can also get antique and rustic finishes as well as elegant and shiny finishes that lighten up any space. You can also have laminate that mimics stone, metal and even tile to suit your preferences.

For long, laminate floors have been considered slippery. To counter this problem, manufacturers now have laminate flooring that is textured and slip-resistant just like with the natural materials it mimics.

Laminate flooring is an affordable option for any person that is looking to install a great flooring material without breaking the bank. Our laminate flooring Kenya will give you any feel and design you want from wood, stone, metal and tile.

Your Laminate Flooring Supplier of Choice

Whether you are looking for laminate flooring for your living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom we have a wide variety of finishes to add character to any room. We can help you give any room or space in your house a new stylish makeover with durable laminate flooring without spending a fortune.

Our range has a wide selection of colors from rich earth and wooden tones that beautifully imitate the grain of natural woods to velvety slate greys that are exquisite and suitable for any modern home.

The laminate flooring comes with underlay material that improves performance of your laminate flooring, removes empty sounds and adds a springy feeling when walking on the laminate. We also offer a variety of edging, joining, flooring trims and cover strips to match your new floor.

As leading suppliers of laminate flooring in Kenya we endeavor to provide you with the best laminate flooring in Kenya and at the best prices. Get your quote today.