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Bamboo Flooring Kenya

We offer a wide variety of wooden flooring products including bamboo flooring. Thanks to our suppliers locally and internationally we offer the upmost range of superior quality, ecologically and technologically advanced bamboo flooring Kenya.

Our bamboo floors are environmentally and resilient with a classy smooth finish. These floors are ideal whether you are looking for a timeless wooden finish or an elegant modern design. You get a choice of wood planks or herringbone boards to suit your design preferences.

As leading suppliers of bamboo flooring in Kenya we offer you choices between vertical bamboo, horizontal bamboo and strand woven bamboo. We also have our products in a range of colors varying from bright and warm colors to softer colors.

Bamboo flooring is increasingly getting more attention in Kenya because it is durable and offers a clean contemporary look. However, not all bamboo planks are made equal. Ensure you take the time to source your bamboo flooring from a reputed supplier in Kenya like us.

Further, bamboo flooring Kenya, is also easy to maintain and care for. Bamboo floors clean easy with a mop and mild soap. Bamboo can also be refinished depending on the thickness of the planks to suit your preferences or give your floors an upgrade. That is not all, some laminated bamboo flooring planks come in easy to install DIY pieces that easily snap together.

Bamboo flooring in Kenya is suitable for use anywhere around the house. It can be used in the kitchen and in the high traffic areas too. If you would like to give your home a facelift with bamboo flooring, then you are at the right place. We can help avail to you, top-quality bamboo flooring made locally or internationally. Contact us now to get a quote for your floor.