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Wooden floor tiles prices in Kenya

With our commitment to provide quality wooden flooring solutions, our company is also tasked with ensuring you enjoy the best wooden floor tiles prices in Kenya. As such, we are always working hard to ensure we add more innovative and affordable wooden tile products to our sales portfolio to meet our customer demands.

Wooden floor tiles are available in two types. They can be made of solid wood or engineered wood. Engineered wood products are modern wood products designed using wood but made to be more affordable, aesthetically appealing and versatile. Engineered wood products can be used in all rooms in the house including living room, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom.

The wooden floor tiles prices in Kenya differ between solid wood and engineered wood products. Engineered wood products are usually more affordable than solid wood floor solutions. It doesn't matter whether you want them in planks, tiles or parquets.

The supplier of the wooden floor tiles will also affect the prices. As a leading supplier of wooden floor tiles in Kenya, we source our products directly from the leading manufacturers of these tiles locally and internationally. By eliminating third parties in the process and avoiding other unnecessary expenses that might raise the cost, we are able to bring you quality products at the lowest wooden floor tiles prices in Kenya.

We endeavor to make our products affordable and readily available to anyone who interested in revamping up their living space. We are therefore obsessed with ensuring you get high quality without paying a premium price for it.

We have a wide range of products for you to choose from and we offer fast delivery countrywide. Our experts are on standby ready and waiting to help you get what you want at your budget. Contact us today for a quote.